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Book Review: Delving Deeper by Jo Frasca

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An endearing, if not particularly fluid, glimpse into the psychotherapy journey through the eyes of a Sydney-based psychotherapist. But what this book lacks in literary prowess it sure makes up for in authenticity and warmth. We love Jo and her wee rescue pup and their insight and patience as we try and learn to make sense of our past.

Psychotherapy isn’t for everyone – not least because it’s so expensive (in Australia anyway). It’s emotionally gruelling work, but we do it because there is no alternative, especially for people like me who’ve tried everything else (and I mean everything).

With suicide and mental illness and substance abuse and incarceration rates sky high, why the hell this long-term emotional care and support and ‘holding’ and ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ that all of us wounded sparrows need to make sense of the world isn’t subsidised, I have no idea.

So much pain and trauma and suffering presenting as so many different things on the surface. We don’t even realise it! They’re like watermarks on our psyches. But are we really wanting people to HEAL? Or just quick fix them – peddle them meds and alter their behaviours…?

Society needs to dig deep to save itself right now. And I’m convinced that Jo and her ilk are some of its most important, unsung heroes.

???? There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen. ????

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