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Sacred healing: what is Reiki and why is it so powerful?

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Reiki is a therapy increasingly featured on spa and wellness retreat menus around the world. But what exactly is Reiki and why is it so powerful? How does it help to heal the body? To answer these questions and more, I caught up with Maya Ridoux-Sweeney, a Sydney-based Reiki practitioner, healer, and teacher.

First up, what exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality that works on the subtle energy system of the body, which includes the light body, chakra, and meridians. It’s based on the understanding that all physical manifestations come from spirit (also known as energy). Reiki has a positive energetic influence on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. The goal of Reiki is to bring harmony and balance to the entire being.

Who can benefit from a Reiki session?

The beauty of a Reiki session is that it’s a completely personalised energy healing experience for anyone and everyone. I recommend Reiki sessions as a powerful and grounding support for those going through major transitions in their life such as relationship challenges (or breakdowns), changes to home life, and career transitions. It also works as a complementary therapy alongside treatment for a full spectrum of health issues including sleep disorders, menopause support, chronic stress, headaches, injuries, aches and pains, as well as for general wellbeing.

What happens in a typical Reiki session?

My Reiki sessions begin with a light consultation to better understand your needs, expectations, and if there are any specific issues that you want to work on.

Essentially, the client will lay down on a massage bed fully clothed. I draw in energy from the universe and channel this into the body – very rarely will I need to physically touch a client’s body as energy healing is very strong. Sensitive people may feel heat, tingles, or pulsing in the body as any unwanted, negative emotions, or stressful energies are gently released from the physical body.

Many people experience profound realisations about themselves, others, and their lives during a Reiki session. As you are in a safe space, you feel more relaxed to let go of emotions and have a good cry.

My treatment space is private and non-judgemental which gives people complete privacy to let go.  

How often should I be doing Reiki?

It varies and no two Reiki sessions are ever the same. Sometimes we can easily identify the root cause of the issue and are able to quickly ‘clear and release’, which in turn gives the client the freedom to move on with their life. Other times, multiple sessions are needed.

Reiki is not like your usual massage treatment in that it’s a fully clothed treatment with very little physical touch – it’s more like an energetic massage!

How did you discover Reiki and how has it impacted your own life?

I started out as a massage therapist. When I was studying massage, I became friends with a fellow student who happened to be a Reiki master. She introduced me to Reiki and soon enough, I joined her Reiki training. Fast-forward to today and I offer my own Reiki sessions as well as online and in-person Reiki training.

On a personal level, following a marriage breakdown and my father’s passing, I experienced debilitating panic attacks. Mentally and emotionally, I was at a real low point. I began to use Reiki on myself to nurture my heart and emotions and grounding, and it supported my grieving process. I still use Reiki as a daily tool to stay on top of my energies and to help me release any energies I have picked from others throughout the day.

Energetic hygiene is as important as daily showering.

You mentioned Reiki training. Can you tell us more about that?

Reiki is so popular now that my Level 1 sacred healing Reiki workshops are now my number one offering. These appeal to a wide range of people including those who know nothing about Reiki yet feel drawn to it.

Reiki workshops appeal to people who want to embrace the power of self-healing, help themselves move on from past trauma, manage anxiety and worrying thoughts, and who want to maximise their potential in their life moving forward. 

Reiki is also a wonderful tool for using when you encounter a situation where you feel the need to protect your own energy and space. Sensitive people like empaths can really benefit from Reiki as it helps to strengthen their boundaries.

Who can do Reiki training?

Anyone! This self-healing modality can be used on yourself, pets, and even your garden!  The beauty of learning how to do Reiki yourself is you can empower your life and those around you anytime. Many parents learn Reiki to help calm and relax their children. Those who have an illness can also greatly benefit from daily Reiki on themselves. It’s a self-healing modality that seems to work on everything from calming the mind and nervous system to easing one into a deep and peaceful slumber.  

Ultimately, real Reiki training happens in everyday life – the more you practice it, the more it works. If you are diligent, you can evolve very quickly.

Makes sense! You recently launched your own range of homeopathic remedies. Tell us more…

My new range of homeopathic mist sprays is infused with good vibes – my healing Reiki! The entire range is created in ceremony, infusing Reiki healing into the waters. As a qualified homeopath, I also support my Reiki patients with individualised homeopathic preparations.  

Want to know more? Explore Maya’s Reiki treatments, workshops, healing circles, or aura mists at www.mayaridouxsweeney.com.

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