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Sacred travel: sacred sites and their impact on your journey

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As we progress through our personal journey of evolution, we tend to go through phases. Intense healing of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies is required first for us to recalibrate our inner being to function in a more harmonious way. Along this journey we generally become more energetically sensitive, our intuition opens up, and our senses start to feed us information above and beyond the six traditional senses.

We start to come ‘online’ so to speak, and gain a better understanding of our intelligent human structure in new and profound ways.

Often we are attracted to specific places around the world along this journey. We may or may not know the reason at the time, we just feel an intense pull to go somewhere. This is, in fact, our deep inner GPS system, guiding us to exactly where we need to be in every moment. 

There are many famous sacred sites across the globe in all different shapes and forms. From stone circles and megalithic structures, to pyramids, caves, churches, cathedrals, mountains, and monuments. All of them represent something extremely special.

UNESCO defines the terms “sacred site”  and “sacred natural site” as embracing areas “of special spiritual significance to peoples and communities”, the latter specific to land or water.

These sites are usually where the currents of earth energies that run through the meridians of the earth converge into a vortex of energy. Different indigenous cultures refer to these as songlines, dragon lines, or spirit lines. Where they cross over or culminate is a power site where we are potentially able to harness this available energy. Often they were denoted by a temple, church, cathedral, or outstanding natural beauty. But these sites are about a lot more than just beauty and earth energies.

Ancient healing meets modern science

Freddy Silva, a leading global expert on sacred sites, author, and leading researcher has spent decades delving into hidden history to understand how and why sacred sites alter human consciousness. In one of his keynote papers he summarises some pertinent data:

“When they strapped people up to EEG devices and stood inside gothic cathedrals, they found that when you stand inside specific shapes it has a very profound effect on your state of awareness. The rate of healing goes up dramatically inside specific shapes. An example is in Bulgaria, back in the 1960’s. The Bulgarians designed rooms shaped like pentagrams. They put sick people inside these pentagrams and found that the rate of healing went up dramatically. They also put schizophrenic patients inside trapezoidal shaped rooms and also found that the rate of healing went up dramatically. Suddenly modern science begins to recognize that there is something about the influence of shape on the human body and its ability to heal. This is how they discovered that these places do alter you. These places have a profound effect on the human body. “

Indigenous cultures often link sacred sites with the stars. Interestingly NASA discovered that every 8 minutes a magnetic portal opens between the sun and the earth. This happens all over the world, at specific sites.  “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.” said Space Physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Center at NASA

So science may be lagging behind what mystics, shaman, psychics, indigenous peoples and wisdom keepers have been saying for decades, but we are starting to see science slowly but surely backing up the ‘fantasy’.

Sacred sites are all around us

So how do you find these sites and what do you do while you’re there? The obvious and most famous ones that you may have heard of are well known – Delphi, Greece; Machu Picchi, Peru; The Great Pyramids & Mt Sinai, Egypt; Stonehenge, England; Notre Dame Cathedral, France; Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi, India; Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico; Camino de Santiago, Spain,  – the list goes on. There are also a plethora of smaller and unknown ones around the globe.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to travel to access these mystical places; there can be sites in your own backyard, you just need to have opened your senses to them. Some of our local sites can be just as, if not more, powerful for us than those that see millions of pilgrims each year. 

When you arrive at a site where you can feel a sense of something special, it’s important to remain in the heart. Too often we are driven by expectations and judgements of the mind. Staying connected to our heart with purity of intention and purpose help us to enter sacred sites energetically on-point. Asking for permission to enter from natural or energetic guardians is part of the protocol I follow before entering. The energy in these places can open to you, or be closed – and for the best chance at the most powerful energies in a sacred site being shared with you, respect, honour, love and gratitude are key elements to embody.

5 step process to undertake when venturing to a sacred site:

  1. Place a hand in the centre of your chest, close your eyes and takes a few long deep breaths in and out slowly as you intend to connect with your heart. Think of something that makes you smile.
  2. Get clear on your intention. What would you like help with or wish to receive at the sacred site?
  3. Energetically connect with the guardians of the site or find the ancestor trees or stones that denote the guardians at site and request permission to enter and experience the sacred energy of this place. 
  4. Enter and feel your way through, be guided by your heart and intuition as to where to position yourself to sit, connect, meditate and open to receive the energies. Listen and feel.
  5. Give back. Give thanks and also offer a gift from your heart, or a flower or sacred offering at the site.

It’s possible to have healings, spontaneous downloads of information, aha! moments, visions, intuitive hits, signs, symbols, messages, or even inter-dimensional experiences at a sacred site. All of it is consciousness expanding in whatever way is perfect for you on your personal journey. This can happen consciously at the time of visiting, or become evident in the hours, days, or weeks that follow. 

I’ve been drawn to hundreds of sacred sites around the world my entire life, fascinated by the mystical and magical energies that surround them. Not knowing why I am really going but just following that knowing within.  I have had experiences of varying degrees. At some of the most famous and prominent sites I felt absolutely nothing, while at sites I found myself locally I have experienced significant shifts that blew my mind. You never know what you are going to get, but the more you are connected with yourself, the more you will be able to connect with these energies and sites. In turn, these sites can help us connect with ourselves on a new level. 

On our personal journey of evolution the most important thing is to get out of our own way, to stop controlling and limiting ourselves and our experiences. Visiting sacred sites is great practice for this, as you have to hand over the reins and be absolutely present in order to receive. And you will receive what you need, not necessarily what you want

If you are inspired by and attracted to sacred sites, there is a reason why. On the deeper layers of your being you are being called to visit and connect with a place that may have pertinent gifts for you and your journey. Follow your inner calling and see what you find and where it leads. It’s always an adventure, that’s for sure. 

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