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The game-changing technology of the heart

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We’ve all heard about the power of the heart at some stage of our personal journey, yet many of us don’t truly understand what this means, including me. Sure, I had heard that one should ‘follow one’s heart’, that the ‘heart was the seat of the soul’, and that our heart held all the answers, but I had no idea how to execute the practicalities of any of it. Like any good theory, it remained so, until one night in 2017 when I was visited by some giant light beings in a dream. 

“But what about this ancient meditation technique?” I asked as they towered over me. 

”No,” they said.

“And this healing modality?” I continued. 

“No,” they repeated definitively. 

“Well, what about this..?” I said as I started asking about a spiritual teaching, but was quickly cut off.

“No,” they said again. “All you need is heart technology. There is only and always has been the heart. There is nothing as effective or important on the planet right now as heart technology.”

Waking up, the dream was so vividly burned into my mind, I knew it wasn’t really a dream at all. It was a visitation. I wasn’t sure who the light beings were but their vibrational resonance was so high, pure, and profound that I knew I needed to investigate further.

I immediately Googled ‘heart technology’ only to come up with a plethora of cardiac equipment and surgical websites. As I delved into information about the heart in general, I was reminded that it is so much more than a cardiac muscle, beating inside our chest.

​​It’s our direct connection to source energy; our access to infinite wisdom beholden to our true self.

​​Shortly after I discovered the HeartMath Institute, which has done independent research into the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and the brain for thirty years.

They were describing something called heart coherence “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind, and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director, Dr. Rollin McCraty, says. When I experienced it for myself, it was a game-changer. I was immediately and viscerally brought down from my head and into my heart, and I could feel the difference.

Heart coherence made a big difference to my own ability to connect and ‘get out of my head’. When I started being conscious of being in my heart more often, I was led on a vision quest over several years to piece together what Heart Technology really meant. Heart coherence was just the beginning.

A vision quest of the heart

For the next few years, I was taken on an inspiring journey directed by my love of new knowledge, adventure, and my inner wisdom and heart. The more I utilised heart coherence, the easier it was to stay out of my highly dominant mind and allow the information to unfold. 

The deeper I connected with my heart, the more was revealed.

I soon found that the heart could be used in a multitude of ways beyond my current understanding:

  • mental, emotional & physiological coherence in the body
  • deepen your connection with your true self 
  • processing past hurts and traumas and for alchemy 
  • creating internal alignment 
  • use as a portal (stargate) to access wisdom and other dimensions
  • advanced visioning and creation

This is a powerful and untapped, multidimensional technology that we are only just starting to get a handle on. More than that it helped me access my pure human potential, beyond what I knew myself to be.

This was even backed up scientifically as the heart has been proven to have the largest magnetic field in the body and 40,000 neurons inside it. It has its own ‘heart brain’ if you will.  The heart field is 65 times more powerful than the brain, and not only that, the brain takes its signals from the heart too. So it’s not just the brain sending signals to the heart as we were taught in school, it happens vice versa, and more frequently in fact from the heart to the brain. 

Start to connect with your heart technology

Heart technology now provides a solid foundation for all my work as a visionary transformation specialist and multidimensional channel. However, I truly believe I am still just scratching the surface. The more I delve into the heart, the more I discover. In alignment with the true nature of the heart, the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, I believe it’s the greatest evolutionary tool we have.

We are moving from a patriarchal society governed by the mind to an evolved society that is connected to the heart, with reverence, love and respect for all beings. The heart is showing us the way. The more you can stay in your heart during these times of transition on the planet, the easier time you will have in navigating the changes that are taking place.

Try this easy 4 step process to get you into heart-brain coherence:

1. Move your awareness to your heart. Focus your attention on the center of your chest, or I like to put a hand over this area as our hand is directly connected to the heart physically.

2. Slow down your breathing, breathing both in and out to the count of 7 to calm your nervous system. Do this at least 3-4 times as you come into a space of calm within.

3. Next, create uplifting feelings or emotions within yourself. This can be as easy as thinking of a favourite place, person, or pet. Or just imagining a small baby animal like a fluffy duckling is easy and immediately invokes joy within!

4. Keep breathing slowly for at least 7-10 breaths minimum while you do this to feel a difference. Feel the energy anchored in your heart space with a calm, expanded feeling. If you spend 5 minutes in this state it is most beneficial.

Out of mind and into the heart

Amazingly, when you make a concentrated effort to spend more time in your heart, it has a cumulative effect on your being. Not only does heart coherence mean you are more balanced and connected in general, but it entrains you over time to operate out of your heart more than your head.

I found I was bursting into spontaneous states of bliss whilst doing menial daily chores; experiencing what those who meditate twice a day religiously for decades were aiming for, by getting into my heart more often. Now, I find that heart coherence is much easier as an active form of meditation for those who find traditional meditation a challenge, and it only takes 5 minutes at a time scattered throughout the day to really feel a difference.

The things that keep us out of our hearts are the obvious things like lower emotional states (anger, resentment, guilt, shame, fear) and the mind. Judgement, criticism, and expectations are other huge factors in closing down our hearts, whether it is to ourselves or others. It’s important to understand where we have been conditioned to operate in a way that is not in alignment with our heart and bring awareness into the moment so we stop defaulting to these reactions.

Heart-swelling into your potential

Heart technology has improved my life in so many ways – from harmonising thoughts and body to easier decision making, navigating relationships and conflict resolution with ease and grace, to harmonising emotional turbulence, experiencing more synchronicity and flow in our lives, more potential, and being more authentically connected to my true self.

The heart is practical and grounded, yet provides access to infinite wisdom and answers beyond our human ‘knowing’. No matter what stage of your life or what challenges you may be facing, connecting to your heart and allowing this technology to guide you will be one of the most impactful things you can do.

Every day, intend to be in your heart more often, get into heart-brain coherence and feel the difference. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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